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How do you get the best results when baking with silicone cake moulds?(Hits:) 
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How do you get the best results when baking with silicone cake moulds?

  • When using your silicone mould for the first time, always give it a good clean in warm soapy water.
  • Grease your mould with butter or cake release, making sure you cover ever crease and fold.  This is especially important when using more intricate designed moulds.  It means that once your cake has baked it will come away from the mould easily.
  • If you are using larger moulds, place on a baking sheet or tray before you place it in the oven.  Silicone moulds are “floppy” so by placing on a tray it will mean your mould stays level.
  • Baking times can vary when using silicone moulds, follow the recipe, but use your judgement as to when the cake is done.  The best way to check is to place a cocktail stick or knife into the centre of the cake.  If it comes our clean then your cake is ready to bring out of the oven.
  • Do not over fill your silicone mould.  As the moulds are not as rigid as a traditional pan, the shape may warp if too much mixture is place inside.  You should aim to only half  fill your moulds
  • Wait until your cake has cooled, before removing it from the mould.  To remove tip the mould upside down on to a cooling rack and wiggle it a little until the cake falls free.

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