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Medical silica gel, foreground is valued!(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-10-04
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Medical silica gel is developed rapidly in recent years, silicone application field, industry experts predict the future ten years, the medical silica gel silica gel industry field will become the most potential market. On 2008, Chinese medical silicone rubber hose production value of about 8000000000 yuan, occupy the 12% of medical apparatus and instruments, production enterprises about 3300 or so. At present, China medical silica gel growth from 15% to about 20%, although the speed is fast, but the starting point is relatively low, is a new field of application of silicone. Silica gel with excellent performance, environmental protection, easy processing and other features, so in the next few years, will amount to replace traditional materials, in the medical field is more widely used, especially in the novel treatment, diagnosis, prevention and health care use of silicone products market, its prospects are very optimistic about the.

Although medical growth rate is very rapid, but domestic medical silica gel is an emerging industry, starting point is low, and the gap between the advanced countries is relatively large, last year our country medical silica gel production only occupies the world plastic output 2%4%. The per capita consumption at present only 7% in developed countries.

At present, China medical silica gel annual consumption of about 100000 tons, have been applied to the human organ of artificial heart debate membrane, artificial bladder, artificial esophagus, vascular, teeth etc.. But a large number of applications in medical film, medical equipment, such as disposable syringes, infusion, blood transfusion, disposable medical products, medical equipment application is most concentrated in the ventilator, related products such as mask, nasal mask, tracheal intubation, silicone tube, pipe, connecting pipe, various types of casing.

According to statistics, China's silicone products technical structure is relatively backward, most materials and the technical performance of products is in cheap product, product of quite a few did not form dimensions economic yield, lack market competition ability. As the basic industry lags behind, medical silicone products of raw materials needed for the category of not complete, quality standards are not standardized, the lack of development of medical silicone materials company. Many enterprises, infrastructure is backward, not entirely according to a one-time sterile medical equipment production management norms do, processing equipment is backward, the quality of personnel management level is low, and even the workshop production, the production environment is not up to the standard of GMP, technical force is weak, which restricts our country medical silica gel the reason that the company grows.

Ventilator associated with silicone products, silicone medical device application in most concentrated areas, its related products including mask, nasal mask, tracheal intubation, tracheal intubation, bronchial catheter, ventilator connection tube, a casing etc.. The above products are mostly made of polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, rubber and other materials made of. This kind of product is clinical the larger amount of consumables, China's annual consumption of the product value in the hundreds of millions of yuan, the market is very huge. At present our country has been able to independent production of ventilator and its related products, but because the product fineness and other factors, the products are mainly applied in middle and small city and vast rural areas and export, and increase the city like Beijing ferry Shanghai market mainly used or imported products, the market potential is great.

With the development of medical equipment, medical silica gel in the medical industry plays a more and more important role. China's silicone medical situation and advanced country are compared, difference is very big still, industry is extremely broad prospects.


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