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Silicone printing products are sought after by consumers(Hits:) 
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At present, many consumers will be turned to harmless to health and high temperature, cold-resistant silicone products, because it does not contain plasticizers, such as silicone membrane, silica gel, silica gel water box cup became the best-selling products.

In fact, in 2011 May held in Dongguan China International Printing Industry Exhibition, silicone printing technology will become the industry as well as the focus of media attention. In the textile printing industry, silicone the non-toxic and pollution-free, no smell of the material has been part of the enterprise concerns, and applied to the actual production process.

According to do environmental protection silicone printing and silica gel printing field to always maintain the leading status in Dongguan City Exhibition good silicone technology limited company people in charge introduced: silicone printing process of core is mainly used for green printing silica gel, namely in the textile printing process, printing silica gel to replace the traditional mortar, thermosetting ink printing paste material, so that the printing materials to upgrade. Silicone printing not only better printing effect, strong performance, and washing resistance, light fastness, discoloration, and most important, is to the human body and the environment without any harm.


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