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Do you know how to distinguish between true and false silica products?(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-10-04
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Do you know how to distinguish between true and false silica products? Silicone products has been widely applied to our life, but a lot of the black heart of the manufacturers in order to save costs to obtain the maximum benefit, made a lot of fake silicone products, recently have heard of a lot of consumer bought a lot of fakes silicone products, silicone products are generally fake products containing harmful substances compared with the true silicone products, non-toxic colorless and tasteless, will do harm to our contact with the skin, the Bo Hao electronic belt to distinguish between true and false silica products.

From the characteristics of feeling, silicone products toughness, elastic fighter is very good, not easily due to the external force and deformation, and feel feel relatively smooth, and fake silicone products easy deformation, but also feels the difference, because the fake silica gel surface without a layer of grease material.

From characteristics, silicone products are non-toxic and tasteless colorless products, good texture, no harm to the human body, while the general counterfeit silicone products that achieve these effects, fake silicone products are generally toxic and pungent, but also more rough!

At the same time we also can be the true and false silica by means of flame combustion is also very useful, fake product in the combustion of black smoke, the remainder for black powder, really silicone products no matter what color is a white smoke when burning, burning residue that is white powder.

I believe that through these three aspects we can clearly distinguish between genuine and silica gel products analysis.


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