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Silicone and silicone how to differentiate(Hits:) 
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Silicone and silicone have what distinction and connection:

Silicone and silicone grease is a help system radiating material, different silica gel is a good thermal performance and insulating and at higher temperatures will not lose its stickiness, mainly used in the device is pasted on the surface of the heat sink or fan; and the grease is not having a viscous emulsion, role is to fill the gap between the chip and the heat sink, improve heat conduction efficiency. Nowadays many high-end fan at the bottom has been coated with good heat-conducting silicone grease, the grease is dry and is different from the general use of emulsion liquid silicone grease.

Silica gel mainly used for low card heat sink and motherboard chip bonding. The video card chip is fixed fins, and the heat sink on the card are also relatively small, so using a silicone adhesive is relatively common; and CPU heat generation is far greater than the general display chip, and CPU head is relatively large, so use grease and heat sink and buckle with form.

Usually the heat conductive silicone grease, should be called the silicon paste. To ensure a certain liquidity, and filling the CPU between the radiator and the tiny gap, guarantees the heat conductivity. Low sensitivity to temperature, low temperature constant consistency, high temperature does not become thin, but not volatile, so to be able to use the relatively long time. Now some industrial high-grade heat conductive silicone grease using silver or aluminum powder as filler, uses the metal of high thermal conductivity, but relatively speaking metal relatively large particles, filling effect is poor, its performance range is not big, but also make the grease has a conductive, improper use can cause short circuit.

Silica gel application in the biggest hidden trouble is the chip of high heat to a certain extent, will lose its stickiness. Although silica at high temperature will not lose its stickiness, but use a long time and the heat sink heat can not get away, the silica gel " melting " is likely to have met two times only the heat sink without fan card in use heat sink fall situation. This can easily lead to the video card chip burning. The silica gel application in CPU heat dissipation example is the previous original PentiumMMXIntel silicone quality is good, it will be difficult to CPU the small heat sink to go down. And profiteers silicone seems particularly useful, glued to the fake "M64 on the heat sink is also not particularly good ...

Pure silicone is pure white, doped graphite grease are dark, doped with aluminum grease some grey shiny, and mixed with copper powder is some yellowing silicone grease. These added impurities than pure silicone grease also high price. Pure silicone is not conductive, doped impurity silicone grease is the conductor that bought the wrong an impurity-doped silicon may short circuit. In addition some grease is relatively thin, easy to overflow and infiltration into the CPU socket. So the applicator silicone grease is the more, the better. When, should pay attention to not overdo sth..

Some people own the pencil core, copper scrap, aluminum scrap, ground into a fine powder, adding to the pure silicone grease to increase thermal conductivity, is not desirable. Silicone grease is filled the gap between the chip and the heat sink, and grind the powder does not do with the factory as fine. While doping in grease in the powder particles larger will make CPU and the heat sink and the distance between the increase or simply not to fill the voids of the role. In this way, one can imagine radiating effect. But I now use the new process CPU cores are only a thin layer of semiconductor material wrapped on the surface of CPU and protrusions, is not fine metal particles may scratch the CPU kernel.

Computer is used is pure silicone grease, silicone and silicone grease actually impurities are not very good. If you buy a will.

The use of silicone grease to mix it up, the CPU core and the heat sink contact surface coated with a thin layer can be a heat sink with CPU contact can gently rolled out, to which there may be a bubble. The radiator bottom with their thermal conductivity Guizhi, because it is dry in the majority, so the gap filling effect is not good. Recommended if the conditions or erase the original tape silicone spreads

Silicone and silicone are thermally conductive materials, but once the stick on silica gel is difficult to remove, so most of the time used in some need only a one-time adhesive occasions, such as video card heat sink.

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