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Influence of mould market development 3 big reasons(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-10-04
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In 1, the mold enterprise sincerity crisis. Many enterprises in the profit maximization slogan driven use unscrupulous divisive tactics for market, disturb the normal market order and market price system, thus further hampered China's mold professional production and promotion of standardization of.

2, all levels of government departments is not enough to know the entire mold market, see only the mold enterprise to the local financial contribution, while ignoring the characteristics of the mold industry, die if you don't take specialization and standardization of the road, will be on the sustained development of national economy brings very big hidden trouble;

In 3, China's mold from product to product transformation tool has experienced only twenty years, the mold industry is a young industry, it is industry of a rising sun. But because of this, the industry to civilian battalion and restructuring of the mold enterprise as the main body, after twenty years of hard market, there are some successful enterprises, but many more are in the start-up initial stage, namely in capital accumulation and experience accumulation stage, it is difficult to take into account the deeper consideration and as. Although many enterprises have ten years, twenty years or even longer enterprise development planning and ambitious, but this plan and current our country mould enterprise present situation and the development space not match, so it is more theoretical than, very hard to implement.


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