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Mold industrial growth continued in the second half of the year still produce an(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-10-04
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In recent years, the mold industry product structural adjustment is accelerated, with large, precision, complex, long-life mold as the representative of high technology content of mold growth rate than the industry overall development speed of mold, accounted for about 35% of the total. Mold exports increased by 35.73%, deficit falls further, import and export of domestic die mold structure tends reasonable, to replace imported mold has become climate.

From the industry structure, rapid development of private enterprises, state-owned enterprise vitality, market-oriented professional mold manufacturers quantity and ability rise faster, adaptation of die mould industry characteristics of the mold assemble production park development, the mold industry has made great progress in underdeveloped areas.

Die industry since 2000 20% at an annual rate of growth, " eleven five" period, produce and sale two flourishing, yield, quality and level rise further, especially the automobile manufacturing industry and IT industry develops, pull the die to improve the grades, sophisticated mold manufacturing equipment to upgrade the level of mold technology has provided a guarantee. International Mould Association Secretary-General says, China mold industry is undergoing a " golden age ", a period will continue to maintain sustained and rapid growth.

According to introduction, the existing mold production more than 30000 enterprises, employing about 1000000 people, 2012 sales of 124000000000 yuan, 2015 is expected to break through 250000000000.

Some mold enterprise multi-position progressive die for precision has reached 2 microns, life of up to 300000000 at times, individual enterprises of the multi-position progressive die has been available in 2500 times / minute high-speed punching machine, precision up to 1 micron. Can produce 43 inch big screen color television, 65 inch rear projection television plastic molds, 10 kg of large capacity washing machine full set of plastic parts and the whole car bumper, dashboard and other large plastic mold.

Precision plastic mold is capable of producing cameras and mobile phone plastic parts, mold multi-cavity gear molds and precision is 5 micron 7800 plastic mould cavity. Large sophisticated die-casting mold can produce escalator pedal, whole die-casting die of automobile rear axle gear box casting mold and automotive engine shell casting mold.

Automobile panel die is capable of producing mid-range model car full cover die. Radial tire segmented mold, aluminum alloy and plastic door and window profile extrusion molding, casting or molding resin fast drawing die and has reached a very high level.

But from look on the whole, China is still just die production big country and not strong, product and the developed country and the 10 - 15 year gap, is still dominated by low, high-end mold from the distribution rate of only 60%, many high-grade precision, complex mold is still dependent on imports, nearly 3 years more than 2000000000 a year dollar. Die commercialization rate of only about 60%, standard parts using coverage only about 50%. Scientific research funds throws serious inadequacy, scientific research strength is weak, not conducive to innovation of public technology support system.


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