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Plastic products the production of how to test mold and mold repairDie and mold (Hits:) 
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Although is selected in the molding material, molding equipment, in the expected conditions for mold design, but the understanding of people is often imperfect, so it must be in the mold processing completed, test mode test, to see how the parts quality forming. Always found out later, the mistake of mold repair.

Plastic parts of most types of undesirable phenomenon, reason is very complex, there is mold reasons, there are conditions reasons, often making together two. In mold repair, should be based on the plastic parts the phenomenon of the actual situation, makes a detailed analysis, find out the cause of injection defects reasons suggest remedies. Because the forming condition is easy to change, so the general practice is to change the forming conditions, when the change condition of molding can not solve the problem, just consider die repair.

Die repair should be careful, do not act rashly and blindly is not sure. The reason is that once the mold condition change, can no longer make big transformation and restitution.

Data file

Die after the test, if not used, it should be completely erasing dross, dust, demoulding oil, butter or other rust oil or rust, off to the storage place of custody.

The mold design to mold processing, inspection date, during which the production technical information, such as task book, parts diagram, technical specifications, mold assembly diagram, mold parts diagram, map, mold design specification, inspection record, mold test mold repair records, according to the provisions of the system, bookbinding, finishing ID archive. It seems to be very troublesome, but on subsequent repair mold, the plastic mold design is very useful.


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