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The import of plastic mold steel types and properties(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-10-04
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The main use of properties of P20 sheet, 820-870 150-260 HRC58-60 general quenching tempering pre hardened steel, cutting performance, welding performance is good, suitable for the electric erosion operation. For the high requirements of size of plastic mold, die seat, mirror die. Sheet material hard HRC37-40 high hardenability, good polishing, electrical discharge machining, high hardness pre hardened steel, good machinability. For high precision mirror surface mold, auto parts mold, household appliances mold. NAK80 plate pre hardened high hardness HRC40 pre hardened steel, easy cutting, high mirror polishing, without heat treatment, easy welding, suitable for discharge processing traits.

For more sophisticated plastic and transparent plastic mold plate quenching tempering 1.2316 1020-1050 100-200 HRC46-48 prehardened die mirror, the calcification processing, polishing, excellent corrosion resistance. For highly corrosion and mirror polishing, especially PCC mold. S136 plate quenching 1020-1050 HRC53 corrosion resistant plastic mold steel, stainless steel, corrosion resistance, high hardness after quenching, the polishing is good, heat treatment of small changes in size. Suitable for ultra precision molds, such as camera accessories mirror.

3Cr2MO forging quenching 840-880 HRC50 pre-hardened HRC28-35 good comprehensive performance, high hardenability, polishing good performance, low surface roughness, quenching and tempering treatment after cold processing can be applied directly. For large and medium-sized manufacturing and precision plastic mold and low melting point alloy steel, such as tin, lead, zinc, alloy molds etc..

2Cr13 1000-1050 plate quenching oil quenching martensite stainless steel type belongs to the mechanical processing properties after heat treatment has excellent corrosion resistance, good strength and toughness. Suitable for manufacturing high load and in corrosive medium under the action of the plastic mold and plastic products die.

3cr3MO 840-860 forging quenching oil quenching performance is good, polishing, hardenability is strong, good performance. Manufacture of precision plastic mold die mirror.

3Cr17MO forging quenching oil quenching of 1030-1060 martensitic stainless steel, corrosion resistance good, material strength, wear-resistant, easy polishing. Corrosion resistance of the high requirements of the plastic mold.

4Cr17NiMO 1030-1060 forging quenching oil quenching performance more excellent, more resistant to corrosion, polishing good performance, high strength and toughness. Plastic mold, die seat, mirror die.


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