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The three giants occupy the high-end silica Market(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-10-04
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Reportedly, at present our country in the electronics industry, LCD&LED packaging enterprises have 3500 or so, the number of enterprises in the high-end packaging also expands gradually, but the current package with high performance silica but with imported foreign high-end silicone enterprise, possession of absolute advantage.

Silica gel is a kind of environmental protection material, one of the main applications, is used for the LED&LCD package, and the global encapsulated silicone is mainly from Japan and the United States two silicone big company provided, " current domestic silicone market is the trend of polarization, foreign enterprises in the high-end market accounted for the absolute superiority as well as the domestic price war to seize the low-end market silica gel " Shenzhen, a silica gel enterprise CEO.

International three silicone enterprises in the domestic high-end market occupy absolute advantage

The three international silicone high-end enterprise, in the domestic market share of absolute advantage, positioning high-end packaging market, Taiwan has four such as silicone enterprises in the domestic terminal package market occupies an important share; domestic silicone enterprise basic positioning in the low-end market.

" Three major international brand silica gel has an advantage each, now more than 80% of the large power package by an American Wacker Silicones Corp of silica gel, in mainland China has a 50% market share; while Japan silicone high-end enterprise locates more high-end, many high-end packaging enterprises designated to use this product;

When domestic silicone business war time, international three big silica company, still to the quality and brand to win, silica, international market price is 5000-6000 yuan / kg, a Japanese high end silicone enterprises sold to 7000 yuan / kg, while the domestic silicone prices in 500-1000 yuan / kg.

According to understanding, the reason of this situation, is the origin of three international silicone brand enterprises have nearly hundred years history, have relatively rich experience. These silicone enterprises in addition to a relatively rich experience, international three big silicone enterprise product technology and quality also has an advantage. Reportedly, the foreign high-end silica index of 1.5 enterprises in Taiwan, close to 1.5, about 1.4 of silica gels. Therefore, foreign silicone to meet the domestic high-end packaging enterprises demand. At present, domestic packaging business market is huge, but foreign silicone in domestic dominant.

Domestic silicone enterprises set up time is about 20-30 years, but with the development of technology, and the technology level of attention, domestic silica gradually to meet the domestic terminal market demand, red silicone is domestic silica gel in the enterprise, development is most rapid typical enterprises. We have reason to believe, domestic silicone business soon, can and foreign high-end silicone enterprise racing together bridle to bridle.


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