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Study of a thermoplastic halogen-free low smoke flame retardant processing techn(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-10-04
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This process is belonging to the wire and cable industry in the field of a new type environmental protection technology. Specific means in a thermoplastic halogen-free low smoke flame retardant cable insulation materials and processing technology, used in wire and cable insulation layer, having flame, smoke, no halogen, non-toxic features. Can also be used in household appliances, electronics, construction and other fields.

Process of the background technology

Polymeric materials in our daily life can be seen everywhere, such as wire and cable, electrical switches, remote control, TV, washing machine shell using such material. Plastics are easy combustion, combustion produces a large number of harmful gases and smoke, the resulting fire hazards has become a global concern, when combustion produces a large number of harmful gases and smoke, the resulting fire hazards has become a global concern. In western countries the United States is the first limiting polymer combustion is smoke and toxic gas in the country, but due to various reasons not implemented. Enter eighty time later period, in the context of the world because of the extensive use of polymer materials which leads to the fire hazard is becoming a serious social problem, which attracts great attention from the government. At present our country industry on the use of brominated flame retardants in nearly 80% Mi halogen flame retardants, especially to polybrominated two phenyl ethers as the representative of the brominated flame retardants with high efficiency, less consumption, small influence on material properties, and moderate price, the performance / price than other flame retardants can the match, so China's exports of electrical and electronic products from 70% to 80% with this kind of flame retardant. On the basis of the relevant reports, with polybrominated two benzene flame retardant plastic, in the combustion will produce multiple bromo benzene furan ( PBDF ), upon detection of this material has a strong carcinogenic effects, this is western countries now called " Dioxin Is-sue ", so the use is limited. With its at the same time ( bromine antimony system ) flame retardant polymer materials in pyrolysis and combustion can produce a lot of smoke and gas corrosion will, at present abroad has been substantial use of halogen free flame retardant substitution. Therefore, China must vigorously develop halogen-free flame retardant to adapt the international market development trends, especially the recent EU this ban, it is bound to speed up the application process of halogen-free flame retardant.

Production process flow

Halogen free low smoke flame retardant cable insulation material, based on polyethylene copolymer and / or a modified ethylene-propylene rubber as base material, adding halogen free, non-toxic flame retardant ( nanometer magnesium hydroxide or aluminium hydroxide ) and inorganic whisker reinforced material as the main component, and add the appropriate additives, the mixture ratio, mixing, granulation, made of plastics. The technical characteristic is: do not contain halogen, phosphorus, lead and other heavy metals, has good mechanical properties, processing performance and fire retarding performance, and excellent thermal deformation, heat aging and thermal shock properties. Thus the legal system into a cable with high safety and reliability, can pass over a combustion test. Suitable for long term working temperature at 70 ℃ -105ship cable, cable for nuclear power station, high-rise building with power and control cables.


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