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Discussion on the application of silicone in the field of Medicine(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-10-04
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In the field of medicine, medical materials used, mostly the use of polymeric materials, due to the living tissue contact, diagnosis, treatment. Silica gel as the medical polymer materials, and what kind of value. Next, let us analyze. Silica gel, is a kind of linear high molecular weight poly organic siloxane, its molar mass in general more than 148000. Silicone medical value is found, derived from a test. In 1945, someone on the inner surface of the glass coated with a thin layer of silica gel, water is not attached to the wall, and it can make the inside storing penicillin or blood completely out of nothing. Then, in 1946, and it was found with a silicone polymer, the processed bottle store blood, the blood coagulation time than with untreated bottle storage time is long, this from one side of the silicone material, has good blood compatibility.

Next, from 1950 onwards, with the rapid development of white carbon black in silicone rubber, silicone rubber mechanical strength greatly enhanced, especially narrow silicone tube instead of damaged urethra operation success, more silicone medical provides development case. As applied to the medical field of polymer materials, which will be the two constraints: a material or product tolerance biological environment ability; the other is a material or products on biological environment. The former is the physical properties of the material, while the latter is based on biological safety performance evaluation assessment.

Because of these characteristics, silica gel now in the medicine domain application mainly includes the following several aspects: 1 requires long placed in the body of the organ or tissue substitutes. These human organ silicone products are common: artificial lung, retinal implants, artificial dura mater, artificial throat, artificial finger, palm joint. 2 short-term placed within the body, the rehydration, rescue, drainage implantation, anti adhesion or defoaming effect. These applications are commonly used: vein catheterization, the catheter, peritoneal dialysis tube, contact lenses, a transfusion tube, and pressure pipe. 3 medical machine key components. Common are: artificial heart lung machine transfusion pump, membrane type artificial heart lung machine, fetal aspirator and artificial blood circulation device. 4 Application in cosmetic and body repair. Common are: face, chest surgery and repair. 5 the application for drug controlled release system.


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