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How to let the candle crafts silicone mold from distortion(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-10-04
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Often hear people say, silicone production die soon deformation. Then please the professional and technical personnel to solve the " problem ", the " problem " is their " problem ".

" Deformation " is another field of mold problem, many times because of the limitation of material, it is difficult to avoid, but we can use a lot of details will be deformation control in the permitted error. Following a brief discription and candle crafts silicone mold deformation and related problems.

For example: someone with hardness coefficient only more than twenty silica gel to a one-meter high bulky product made a mold. He found the master die off die is too soft, deformable. Such deformation is avoided, he choose silicone material process of a problem.

This problem has two kinds of solution:

The hardness, to relatively large silicone to make the mold. Hardness is too small, the mold itself physical characteristics is not sufficient to support the mold to maintain the original shape, mold inevitably deformation.

Secondly, to strengthen the mold by external physical strength. We can brush in the mold when paste several layers of fiber cloth, has been added to the strength we need. In order to maintain the mold without distortion, we also need to do on die mold. Method is to use plaster casting or adopt brushing method for pasting glass steel mold.

The above is the technical aspects of reasons, generally slightly experienced instructors will understand, very good prevention. In addition, mold production, preservation in some significant attention will cause the mold to produce the phenomenon of deformation. There are many manufacturers in order to crashing, mold produced is unable to hold oneself back into production, but because the mold curing time will soon cause mold micro deformation. In general we use silica gel production tooling needs to put on a period of time and then put into production, usually within 24 hours.

Mold saved incorrectly can also affect the quality of mold. Because silicone mold belonging to the soft mold, if we save a long time, because of their own physical reasons will affect the quality of mold. So we suggest to save die when the die mould for to save. If you decide to long time no longer use words, can provide mold poured gypsum, which can maintain the shape of the mold.

The deformation of dies and sometimes we cannot control, but we can make the deformation of dies in the US within the scope of the permit. For example, we know in advance that the silica gel mold shrinkage rate is 3%, we do in the female die when it can be put into consideration. After we die predetermined shrinkage can perfect our expected standard.

Selection of suitable materials, using the correct method to the deformation of dies away from us.


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