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Soap handicrafts silicone rubber mechanical property parameters of(Hits:) 
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Judge a kind of silicone rubber products to meet customer needs, in addition to consider the product operation, price, chemical properties, parameters, the most intuitionistic is silica gel mechanical properties of the products. Soap crafts silica mechanical property parameters of the main compression resistance, elasticity, hardness, tensile strength, elongation, elasticity coefficient, volume of life, tear strength, coefficient of friction, adhesion and so on. The following is a brief explanation of several parameters, hoping for new entrants to help a friend.

Compression: as the pressure increases and reduced volume properties, known as compression. Silicon rubber at room temperature showed superior resistance to compression. More importantly, in low and high temperature conditions, can still maintain the properties of silicone rubber.

Resilience: different silicone rubber may have different elastic range. The following table shows the samples in ASTM D2632-01 ( vertical rebound elasticity ) test of the numerical. This test method using either Bashore or Shore stretch gauge, known to test the weight from a certain height to a test rubber rebound percentage.

Hardness: local material resistance to hard pressed into the surface of the ability called hardness. Silicone rubber has 10 to 80 shore a hardness range, this gives designers the freedom to choose the desired hardness, to achieve best a particular function. On a polymer substrate, fillers and additives of different proportions of mixed can achieve a variety of intermediate hardness value. Similarly, heating and curing time and temperature can also change the hardness, without damaging the other physical characteristics.

Tensile strength: tensile strength by means of a piece of rubber sample tearing each range units required for force. Heat vulcanizing type solid silicone rubber tensile strength range between 4.0-12.5MPa. Fluorinated silicone rubber tensile strength range between 8.7-12.1MPa. Liquid silicone rubber tensile strength range between 3.6-11.0MPa.

Elongation: usually refers to the " ultimate elongation " or when the sample fracture when compared to the original length increase percentage. Heat vulcanizing type solid silicone rubber general elongation in the range of 90 to 1120%. Fluorinated silicone rubber general elongation in 159 to 699% between. Liquid silicone rubber general elongation in 220 to 900% between. Different processing methods and hardening agent can greatly change the elongation. Silicone rubber elongation and temperature have great relations.

Volume coefficient: this property refers to a material by external pressure when the elastic characteristics. Silicone rubber has the advantages of high pressure rubber by the deformation degree is only about half the organic rubber. In addition, at a high temperature silicone rubber can be kept stable, while the organic rubber will continuous deformation. In the low temperature silicon rubber to be stable, and many organic rubber will be brittle failure.

Elastic life: life is a material subjected to elastic limit bending can still retain its original shape and its performance and no capacity for change. Silicon rubber in a wide range of withstand hundreds of bending, thus become the manufacturing keyboard, exhaust bar and damping applied ideal material. In general, natural rubber if exposed to ozone and UV environment, a lot of energy to deform and damage. While silicon rubber in a very wide temperature range to maintain stability.

Tear strength: in the incision of the samples on the exerted force when cut or notch extending block resistance. Even after the incision in the high shear stress, heat vulcanization type solid silicone rubber can not be torn. Heat vulcanizing type solid silicone rubber tearing strength range between 9-55 kN/m. Fluorinated silicone rubber tearing strength range between 17.5-46.4 kN/m. Liquid silicone rubber tearing strength range between 11.5-52 kN/m.

Flexometer testing confirmed the silicone rubber for crack expansion has significant resistance. When the deflection gauge damage test ( 18000 per hour circle until the damaged) high performance silicone elastomer for 500000 ring.

Coefficient of friction: this property refers to the two substrate friction. Silicone rubber and most organic rubber is higher than the coefficient of friction. Silicone rubber has the advantages of the friction coefficients are adjusted, to meet different application requirements. While organic rubber friction coefficient is not easily adjusted. The silicone rubber for the production of newspaper printing machine and laser printer drum coating, as well as the film processing -- due to the use of the material surface characteristics, here has been accurately, and long-term stability.

Silicone rubber friction coefficient range from less than 0.25 to more than 0.75 level. Through the surface treatment or to the rubber inner join molybdenum disulfide to reduce friction coefficient. If the use of molybdenum disulfide is this property will become the rubber constant feature, and the effect of surface treatment will be with the passage of time and reduction.

Bond: bond refers to the rubber bonded on the other substrate ability. Made from silicone rubber products and metal, glass, ceramic, silicon glass composite material and silicone itself has very good adhesion. Caking property depends on the selection of raw materials and technological requirements. Usually, on the surface of a substrate coated with a primer layer in order to better bond, which requires pretreatment and finishing technology. And silicone rubber in rubber directly adding binder, makes the product curing can automatically bonded on a substrate. Silicone rubber with any porous and nonporous material has good adhesion, and adhesion force is very durable and at high and low temperature condition can truly bending. Most of the organic rubber does not like silicon rubber as the adhesive, and other physical properties of a very good combination.


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