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Approach to environmental protection and new materials food silica gel(Hits:) 
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Food silicone concept is fuzzy, is also not mature industry standards to define what is food of silica gel. According to the current network popular explanation, food silicone includes two parts: one part is the main component of SiO2 ·nH2O inorganic silica gel, another part is the synthesis of silicone rubber. As we now understand, food is organic silica gel and silica gel synthesis of silicon rubber and its application in food related to silica. Food food safety standards to meet the needs of all kinds of silica gel.

The main components of SiO2· nH2O inorganic silica gel is made from silicate polymerization from inorganic polymer colloid material. SiO2 ·nH2O content of more than 98%, non-toxic and tasteless, stable chemical property, under normal conditions in addition to the caustic and hydrofluoric acid, acid salt reacts with any. Because it is a kind of colloidal structure, so it has many micropores and large specific surface area. The pore size of about 8-10nm, specific surface area of 300-500m2/g, and surface hydrophilic, water has a very strong absorption ability, in high humidity conditions the water absorption capacity up to its own weight above 80%-100%. The silica gel can be used as food, medicine for external use desiccant.

After being purified silicon gel can be food and drug according to requirement of mixed directly after drying and ensure food and food consumption, and the human body without any side effects. There is also a type of food is food purification by silica gel, inorganic silica gel surface adsorption force to remove impurities in liquids. Food is the synthesis of silicone rubber silicone rubber in a department

Branch to reach the food safety standards of the silicone rubber.

The silicone rubber is a kind of synthetic rubber, is composed of two methyl silicone and other silicone monomer polymerization into linear polymer elastomer, referred to as SIR. Big molecular chain is Si-O unit, the unit price organic groups as side groups, its general structure chart, type in R, R ', R "for the organic group, such as methyl phenyl, vinyl, allyl, three F, the actual operation of the process of R, R ' R ", should be considered when choosing the group biological inert, to ensure that meet certain parameters, harmless to the human body. M, n as the degree of polymerization, is in a broad range of integers.

Food properties of silicone rubber excellent convenient use is mainly used for food production complex mode, and food related equipment, medical apparatus and food related transport packaging.


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