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Analysis of the plastic toy pictorial Printing printing plastic head(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-10-04
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We are going to have the plastic toy industry in pictorial Printing to do a simple introduction, today we mainly for silica gel plastic head were analyzed. We first introduce the concept of printing.

Printing, belonging to the special printing one. It is capable of irregular objects on the surface of printed text, graphics and image, is now becoming an important special printing. For example, the surface of the mobile phone text and pattern is the use of this printing method, and computer keyboard, instruments, and many other electronic products surface printing, pad printing is accomplished through. Most of our plastic toys surface are not the rules of formation, so we usually use the method of the pattern and printing trademark printing.

Printing process is very simple, using steel ( or copper, thermoplastic plastic gravure ), using silicone rubber material surface printing, intaglio ink on a printing head is dipped into a surface, and then to the required object surface pressure it can print text, pictorial. Today we have for printing the important components -- silicone rubber head to do some analysis:

Pad printing silicone rubber head as the printing process pattern carrier of silicone materials, strict quality requirements, select the appropriate silicone materials is made to meet the needs of the plastic head of first step. The printing process in order to improve the plastic head of printing quality, we must consider the following points:

First we analysis of hardness. Silica gel pad India limited in colloidal own material and production process of adding silicone oil quantity. Because each of the colloids themselves material is not easy to change, we focused on the silicone oil added to do an analysis. Typically if our printing of large area plastic head, requires more soft, we should add some oil; if the pattern is very fine, even though the area is not large also need a soft plastic head. If the plastic head hardness greater than the need may arise during the printing process is not supplied, the printed pattern is not clear etc.. But for printing plastic head if too soft words, it will seriously affect the number of printing, plastic head not durable will increase the cost of printing, it is we don't want to see. We usually use printing plastic head in 15-25 hardness more appropriate, of course specific situation according to the actual operation.

The use of silicone oil in silica gel pad played an indispensable role in the. Silicone oil washing can release gel viscosity and change the silica gel hardness, but overdose can damage the silica gel molecular weight, so that the rubber head is not durable, easy to aging, causing a rise in the cost of production.

Any material used to consider their own physical characteristics, printing rubber head when in use and is not an exception. Consider a silicone rubber heads back to stretch and other factors, in the use of the process must be based on the printing pattern size to select the appropriate size of the silicone rubber head. Excessive plastic head printing small pattern can result in waste of resources, with a small head of plastic printing patterns may cause serious damage to the internal structure of the plastic head, due to the elastic drop, thus affecting the plastic head use number of times. In general, printing silicone rubber head size and printing patterns in the ratio of 3:1 when appropriate. The actual operation to treat respectively according to particular case.

If the printing surface treatment products undeserved also can affect the printing quality. Cite a simple example: in plastic toys of the production process, in order to good demoulding injection molding machine, usually need to spray the surface of steel mould release agent, so in the production of the toys surface has some release agent residues, which affects the quality of printing printing. Of course there are many similar cases, we only need the product surface to do simple processing can be solved.

Printing quality still needs to get the quality of printing machine, pad printing ink and other aspects of the quality factors, we will do the analysis.


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