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The chemical industry 's development situation(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-09-29
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      In view of the traditional bulk chemicals (fertilizer, PVC and soda ), we think, this round of price increases more due to the cyclical industry stocks rebound, industry and company fundamentals have not changed, the PB and PE didn't have obvious advantages, chemical product profit spreads low maintenance, this situation is expected in August will continue. According to the low PE logic, recommended " Hubei Yihua" and blonde technology.
        Our point of view: we think, future chemical high growth or with high growth potential of stock except was born in new materials, new energy and other industries, may also appear in the energy saving and environmental protection, consumer and the service type of chemical industry in. We will maintain this idea; in addition, the future we will strengthen the energy-saving and environmental protection, consumer and the service type chemical company research.
       Review and Prospect of silicone products pure rain:
       In July, the majority of chemical products production chain to rebound slightly, such as urea, phosphate fertilizer, potassium fertilizer, phosphorus, sodium carbonate, PVC, spandex, dyes and other improved; caustic soda, calcium carbide, viscose, polyester, decreased ( our operating rate is calculated by two years biggest monthly output as analog capacity, it is expected that the operating rate is greater than the actual should start working rate is about 5%~10% ).
       On July, bulk chemical products price and spread the basic maintenance of low. Urea, diammonium phosphate, potash, soda ash, MDI, BDO continued to decline slightly, calcium carbide method PVC, TDI recovered modestly. We maintain the early judgment, August, chemical products prices will remain low, urea, potash, soda ash, calcium carbide PVC, MDI, viscose bottomed out, but in addition to K, MDI rise difficulty is greater, diammonium phosphate, TDI, BDO fall risk.

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